Northeastern University Graduate Global Pathways program

Campus Locations

Boston and Seattle

Start Dates

Spring (January start), Summer (May start), Fall (September start)

Study Areas

Business/Social Sciences; Engineering/Math/Science

Course Length

1-2 semesters


The Northeastern University Graduate Global Pathways program combines intensive college-level English and academic coursework to prepare international students for success in their chosen graduate degree program.

Key features of the Graduate Global Pathways program

  • 1 or 2 semester pathway program, completed in 4 or 8 months
  • classes held directly on the University campus
  • select programs also available at Northeastern’s graduate campus in Seattle
  • TOEFL test prep for master’s degrees that require a TOEFL score for progression
  • GRE / GMAT test preparation for master’s degrees that require a minimum GRE / GMAT score for progression
  • successful completion ensures progression to a wide selection of master’s degrees at Northeastern University

Available progression degrees

After successful completion of the graduate pathway program, you will be ready to move into your master’s degree. We offer progression to a wide range of master’s degrees taught at Northeastern’s Boston and Seattle campuses, in such fields as business, law, engineering, computing and health sciences.

We offer progression to the following degrees in Seattle:

Visit our degree finder ↗ to see progression degrees offered in Boston.

Select degrees (as well as graduate certificates) are available for direct entry to those who meet admission requirements.

Learn more about

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Northeastern University’s Global Pathways program will take 1 or 2 semesters to complete, depending on your English language test score and chosen master’s degree program.

Your master’s degree program at Northeastern University also determines which Global Pathways program track you will enter:

  • Business/Social Sciences
  • Engineering/Math/Science

Global Pathways program courses

The Global Pathways program graduate curriculum combines intensive university-level English classes with academic coursework that’s specific to your degree. See examples below of courses currently offered through the Global Pathways curriculum. The courses you enroll in will depend on your chosen degree and entering English language level.

English skills courses offered

  • Advanced English for Graduate Studies
  • Advanced Listening and Speaking for Graduate School
  • Advanced Reading for Graduate School
  • Advanced TOEFL Test-taking
  • Critical Writing
  • Culture & Communication for Graduate School

Academic skills courses offered

  • Fundamentals of Human Communication
  • Professional Speaking
  • Reading for Business and Social Science/Engineering, Math and Science
  • Research and Writing for Graduate School
  • Writing for Graduate School

Academic content courses offered

  • Applied Math and Statistics for Economics
  • Commerce and Economic Development
  • Environmental Science
  • Global and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Globalization and International Affairs
  • Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • Technology and Human Values

Download a brochure for more details on the curriculum.

Student profile

Svetlana Krotova

Meet Svetlana from St. Petersburg, Russia. She graduated with a master’s degree from Northeastern University after completing the Global Pathways program.