I had an amazing experience in Global Pathways. Being a foreign national, we face a lot of challenges, but the Pathways staff was there to guide me through these difficulties. Through Global Pathways I was able to transition into my degree program easily. As a student, you are making a choice. If you are willing to be successful, then you are in the right place. Read more about Devjayant's experience with Northeastern University Global Pathways.
"One of the most exciting things I have done is to join all the club activities. The events I attended at Northeastern University have been memorable and a good way to build confidence in socializing with others. I was able to make a lot of good friends through all the group work assigned in classes—which is also a good way to get to know people!"
"Living and studying at Pace University's Westchester campus is a nice break from city life and I really enjoy the great sense of community here. Of course, I can always take a short trip to New York City by using the free shuttle bus whenever I like!"
"Since moving abroad to New York, I have learned to become independent and confident in myself. Pace University encourages students to be responsible for themselves, but they will of course always be there to help if we ever have any problems."
"Life at Pace University has been a transformative experience for me as they've helped me realize that I can be a leader and not just a follower. I was initially drawn to study at Pace by some of the highly regarded professors that teach here."
"New York is such a diverse city so it's very easy to meet people from all over the world and learn new cultures. This helped me to understand new ways of thinking, which is a rare opportunity."
"I chose Pace University's New York City campus because it is based in Lower Manhattan, which opens up so many opportunities for me. I was able to use my finance skills by volunteering for a local charity and felt a great deal of satisfaction."
"Living in New York City is an amazing experience. There are so many people here of different nationalities so I never feel like I'm a foreigner. I think it's important to feel like you are part of the community."
"I really enjoy studying at Pace University because the teachers are very friendly and approachable, so I always feel comfortable asking them questions if I don't understand something."
"I managed to get an internship related to my major thanks to Pace University's Career Services office. They helped me optimize my resume and gave me guidance. Together we found a great company and I found the work experience there extremely valuable!"
"I love living in Boston, since it is kind of a mecca for education. There are lots of universities here, so I can meet students from all over the world. Since I have to use English all day to communicate with friends and classmates, my English skills have improved quite naturally."
"I can't pick a particular course that has helped me improve because, basically, every course I have taken right from the start of my Pace University journey has helped me in one way or another." Learn more about Obiageri's experiences at Pace University
Jeong Hee
"There are many reasons I chose the Bachelor's Completion program in Leadership with a Business minor at Northeastern University. It is fast, and offers practical studies that we can use in the business world. I learned not only academic knowledge, but also what I need for practical insights to adapt to the quickly changing business trends."
"Pace University's location is very good. Students can work in downtown Manhattan during the day and study at Pace at night. It is very convenient."
"The first time I arrived at Quinnipiac I knew it was the right University for me to attend. It was not only its beauty, its location, its ranking, or the right amount of people per classroom, but how friendly people can be with you. It is impressive the way in which you are able to make so many friends in so little time."
"I love Quinnipiac University because of all the helpful professors, my great advisor, and all my friends from all around the world. But I am especially thankful for what Quinnipiac teaches me, by giving me a great experience, as well as giving me a high standard of education that is preparing me for life."
"I don't know what I would have done without the Global Pathways program, especially when I was initially adjusting to a new country and culture. The Global Pathways staff have been so friendly and helpful - they even personally showed me how to use the laundry machines when I first arrived! Now I want to stay in New York. There's so much here to see and love."
Ting Ting
"My professors inspire me in classes that are both stimulating and practical, while Pace University has been so helpful to my career development. They genuinely care about my progress and my trajectory."
"The best thing about living away from home is the ability to be independent, to plan your life in the way you want to plan it. I have learned how to be part of a team, to motivate people, to involve them in projects and to make my ideas come true. My parents think that Global Pathways was their greatest investment as it is one that will never depreciate!"
"The teachers are amazing. They care about what students think, and they care about whether you understand or not. I chose Global Pathways because I felt it was the right choice for me. It felt like the right choice and it was the right choice."
“My favorite thing about studying in the USA and being at Merrimack College is interacting with different cultures and making new friends.”
“In the USA, nobody judges you and they are always kind with you no matter what. American people have beautiful values and that is something I treasure. At Merrimack College, I have got to know everyone and it is an amazing environment full of joy and harmony. I love being here!”
“There are good opportunities for students in the USA. I joined an exhibition about video games in Boston, and it gave me an opportunity to get involved in the entertainment industry and creative thinking. At Merrimack College, I like the food at Sparky’s Place restaurant, because it is better than usual fast food, such as McDonald’s.”
“There are a lot of things that I like about studying in the USA. One of them is the change of seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn). Back home, we only have two seasons and it is nice to live and experience something different.”
“People are so friendly and easygoing here in the USA, especially at Merrimack College.”
“At Merrimack College, I have the chance to develop friendships with people from all over the world.”
"I joined the Merrimack Out Reach Experience (M.O.R.E.) and really enjoyed it – it’s a weekend retreat with other students. I also like the shopping in America!”
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